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Are you a witch? Let the moon decide!

Are you a witch? Let the moon decide!

Over the years, I have seen countless tests for newcomers to the craft that are generated to see if the individual has any natural traits that would indicate to them that they are a witch by nature. For most of us, there is just something magical about that round ball of light in the night sky. I can remember even as a child feeling such sensation to walk out into the darkness and feel the light of the full moon wash over me. Back then I would have never connected it with witchcraft, as growing up in the church, along with the image portrayed in books and television about the evils of witchery. 

We as witches realize the powerful energies exerted on us by the moon. Science recognizes the same though in a purely explainable nature. 

Anyway, for any of you who are new to the craft and  are intrigued with some of the "witch tests" online or in books, here is one 

that will give you something to consider.

What does the moon do for you?? What feelings go through you when you stand in her presence on a starry night?? 

In witchcraft, we have a practice, called "drawing down the Moon." For myself, it is absolutely the most powerful moment of

of the month. It is in that moment as I begin to speak:

"Heavenly Lady with bright starry gown, I stand in your presence, your light all around, pull on my heart my mind and my soul

as you pull on the seas, make my life whole. infuse now  my magic at this midnight hour, Hail oh fair Lady of darkness and power

Come now to my circle I call unto thee, drawing thy life force now inside of me.." 

And then with raised hands I stand silent and envision her filling me up. What an awesome experience. Some folks cry and dance and shout during this ritual. 

For some, It's a time of great celebration , for some a quiet time of contemplation. For others, it may go by without notice, but one thing is certain: over the years I notice for the most part, there is something that connects the witches heart to that sphere in the sky, and that, my friend,  is another article.

So think on these things my friend as you ponder, Am I a witch?  What does the moon say about it? 

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Waning Time

Waning Time

Spell Work

Immediately following the full moon, we enter into a time of the month so needed. That is a time to get rid of those things that have crept into our daily lives that are causing disruption, or are just useless. The time of the waning moon is the time for monthly spring cleaning, as well as working on yourself. Witches, take time for yourself!!

As the moon begins to shrink, we must turn out thoughts to those things we could do without. A habit, a relationship, negative thoughts about ourselves, negative energies, and the list goes on. Keeping in mind that the whole universe operates on a principle of balance. Simply put, your life needs some good as well as some bad in it, in order to function properly. We as witches do not strive for perfection. We strive to stay balanced. So, things that are tipping the scales to far in one direction need some consideration during this time and if we deem necessary they need to go.

That's where spell work comes in. The waning moon is the time for spell work that has to do with ridding yourself of unnecessary baggage. 

Look in your life's closet as the Goddess moves into her Crone state. What things in your life and path are getting old and  useless?

How about those things you've just let stay around because you just have not taken time to address them?

Think about the new things that could take their place and revitalize you. 

Remember this, it's up to you! We don't pray to the gods to take these things away. They have given us power to get rid of them. And that power is the magick  we do.

So look out in the night sky. Is the full moon past? Is the goddess not so bright? Move your thoughts to what needs to go, and be the better witch for it!

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Just how many kinds of Witches are there???

Just how many kinds of Witches are there???

That's a good question!!

There's all kinds. There are witches that worship the moon . Those that worship the sun. Those who cast circles and those who do not. There are witches that work naked and those that work in street clothes. There are witches who call themselves witches, and then there are those who refuse to call themselves witches because it connects them to another brand of witchcraft.

Then you 've got witches that work at night, and witches that work in the day. 

 Next, there are only about 2000 different paths a witch may follow. Some may follow Wicca within which is a gazillion different flavors. Then there are traditional witches who believe in curses as much as spells that bring about good. They hold no creed and they may or may not use tools of any kind. At the end of the day, witchcraft encompasses everything from A to Z. 

What is so terrible is that witches fight amongst themselves as bad as church people do of different denominations. What a shame.

There are witches who use blood and hair and fingernails, and witches who use incense and sage and rose petals. Witches who hate every body and witches who love everybody.

There is one common denominator among all witches no matter who he/she is that ought to bring us together regardless of all the other crap. After all part of witchcraft is that there is no right path, but for the one practiced by the individual! That one denominator is MAGIC!

Think about what magic we could create if we could all chill together.

So the point of this article is to say to Bright Moon Coven, The witch path that is best to follow is the path YOU are on!!! 

Don't get hung up on someone elses path. If it works for you, power it up!!!  



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Training online

Training  online

August 2016                                                                                 Divination
                                                                                      The Celtic Runes: Lesson 1

Consists of 25 stones upon which  ancient symbols have been inscribed, used by the old world for the purpose of learning oneself in the journey of life. People mistakenly think that whenever we talk of divination, we automatically speak of fortune telling. This is not the case, as with the Runes, they are used to bring out direction and guidance for us in daily affairs.

I will give you your homework assignment first: Go online or to your favorite bookstore and purchase a guide to the Runes. Familiarize yourself with the origin and the names of each stone.

Lesson 1 Study
Each week, I will give a brief description of one of the 25 oracle stones. Mediate upon it's meaning throughout the week.

Today let's look at  "The Self." This is the starting point. The stone's name is "Mannaz" . Look at the chart above. Top row, 1st stone on the right. 2 vertical posts connected by an "x"

The stone's meaning is simple yet powerful: You must have a good relationship with yourself. You must learn to accept yourself as you are . For you can go no further until this is accomplished. Quit trying to please others and make others acknowledge your gifts and accomplishments.
Be honest with yourself. Know thyself!  The gods made you like you are. This is the foundation. A place of growth and strength building. For when you know who you are and accept who you are. Great happiness and confidence to move forward comes!

Have a great week!

Lesson 2                                                                                      Gebo
September 4, 2016                                                         The Partnership Stone
                                                                                  ( top row, second stone over. "x")

This  stone speaks of a gift coming in the form of a partnership of some sort. It could be a love relationship or a business relationship or some other type. The stone would send you a word of warning. When this partnership begins to materialize, no matter how well it looks, do not fully commit yourself .

This stone when cast can also signal a new relationship beginning with your gods or goddesses.

In any  earthly partnership, be sure to allow the union but keep a certain amount of reserve or individuality  to it.

I want to interject some new information here. Each stone also has a reverse side. This means  that if you cast the stone up side down, this has a reverse meaning. While I am not going to go there now, you are encouraged to study ahead and introduce yourselves o these reverse meanings. By now you should have purchased a set of stones and instruction manual. If not, go ahead and do so.

Another project if you are of the artistic nature would be to create your   own set. Personalization can add another  level of power to your castings.

Lastly, in this lesson I wish to give you some initial words about how to cast the stones. To begin your journey in this department, the easiest method is something I did in the beginning. I would simply enter my sacred space, clear my mind, and place the bag in my left hand. It is the hand of communication between you and the gods. Then after a brief moment, I would draw a single stone out of the bag with my right hand. It is the hand of magic. Don't worry about trying to explain what you need to the runes before you draw. The spirit of the runes already know what guidance you need. Pretty simple yet powerfully on course. I was amazed from my first casting at how "spot on" the runes    are.
Later on we will explore some other ways to cast, but the single draw is enough for you at the present time.

Lesson 3 : Ansuz or the Message Stone
October 8, 2016

On our chart above, this will be the third stone from the right on the top row. The vertical pole with 2 flags off the right.
When this rune is drawn, it brings with it a signal of change coming in your life. A message from the universe is coming and you should be ready to receive that message from any direction.
A time to expect the unexpected. A closer connection with your highter self, the divine is forming

If you draw this reversed (upside down) the message is not to stew in feelings of failure in some area of your life. What happened is part of the process of your life and needs to complete .

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Celebrate the Seasons

Mabon- September 21 2016
The Autumn equinox has come. The equinox is the time when there is exactly the same amount of daylight and darkness in one 24 hour period. This equinox is a sign that Fall is upon us.  Witches celebrate the birth of the Earth Goddess' son Mabon. We also celebrate the harvest we have gathered during the summer months. We celebrate a time of balance in our lives.It is a time to reap what we have sown.

Mabon Altar: cranberries, pumpkins, horn of plenty

Modron the Earth Goddess:
Mabon: the son of Modron.
Mabon is also referred to as the green man.

Samhain: Means "The Third Harvest"  (The end of the summer)
 October 31 through November 1, 2016
The Witches New year!
Let's do this simple. It is a celebration of  the lives of those who have passed away. A night to celebrate the dead. Also a night of communicating with the spirits of our ancestors.  

Yule: Usually between 20 Dec and 23 Dec.
Also known as the winter solstice in the Northern Hem.
This is the time of the year when the day becomes slightly longer than the night, hence a rebirth of the sun. The newborn Oak
King is born signaling light and warmth to all the land.
Symbols of the season include the yule log, mistle toe, wreaths, golden candles and Christmas cactus

Celebrate the Seasons

Online Mediation Room

Online Mediation Room

  Here you can cast a circle, work your magic, or simply meditate in private. Start out by lighting a candle and create your sacred space.  

Click the candle to go to the circle!

Witch School

Witch School

Monthly courses in Witchcraft, tailored to you. Free of Charge. Simply email me and request to begin your studies. Then each month you will receive a personalized lesson from Skaeyhawc Moonsong meant to assist you in discovering your witch path. All course work is absolutely free  and you are under no obligation. At any time, if for some reason you want to discontinue, please email me with a stop request, and I will discontinue the lessons.

We will discover the history of witchcraft, basic tools, magic and spells, personal preparation, and everything necessary to educate you in art of witchcraft.

We have begun posting things from our students. We are excited to hear from you who are taking the course, and as you already know we interact with you on a personal level instead of pre-created replies. 

Moon Calendar/wisdom

Enjoy Witches !!



Moon Calendar/wisdom
Witch talk Friday nights beginning 7pm Eastern Standard

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Posts from our Witches

Posts from our Witches

                                                                                 Poetry by Bella Luna

                                                                                       "Who is she?"

Who is she?
 The maiden, mother, and crone
 Who is she?
 The reason we are never alone
 Who is she?
 The living breathing trees
 Who is she?
 The one we wish to please
 Who is she?
 The stars in the sky
 Who is she?
 The one that makes us wanna try
 Who is she?
 The gentle blowing breeze
 Who is she?
 The one who cures all disease
 Who is she?
 The beautiful deep blue sea
 Who is she?
 The best part of you and me
 Who is she?
 The rocks and stone
 Who is she?
 The one listens to every whimper and groan
 Who is she?
 The fire and hearth
 Who is she?
 The great mother earth 

Bella Luna is one of our Witch School Students with an amazing gift to write poetry. We will be sharing a new poem written by her each week for the remainder of the month of October . Thank you so much Bella for your contribution!
Skaeyhawc, Coven Leader

A Celebration of Imbolc:

The Horned God 

By our own Bella Luna

The Horned God runs
 With animals by his side
 Having so much fun
 Enjoying his ride

 Runs through the trees
 Feet barely touching the ground
 Feeling the breeze
 As his heart pounds

So much joy
 Found in the woods
 Makes him feel like a little boy
 Everything is understood 

Down by the stream
 He instantly arrives
 Never out of steam
 As the Sun begins to rise 

Animals speak
 While staring at his face
 The beautiful mountain peaks
 Helps make this place 

He is the one
 The mighty all
 He is the Sun
 That brightens the fall 

Tree Room

The Oak Tree

Carry an Oak leaf next to your heart brings revitalization and peace

Oak leaves rubbed on acne and inflammation can bring healing

Acorns carried with you or placed in windows banish evil and bring good luck and fortune as well as protection.

Rituals performed under oak trees can increase your power as a Crafter

Tree Room

Deities and Spirit Guides and Such

Deities and Spirit Guides and Such

Coming Soon................

Our Coven members and Photos

Coming soon for those who wish to participate. You DO NOT have to post your picture or name here in order to be a part of Bright MOon Coven.

Our Coven members and Photos